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PBB Teen Clash of 2010: Villa vs. Apartment (House Pics)

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courtesy of

Thanks for viewing! This is for the benefit of the site/section of PBB TEEN3 House pictures Section.. Complete Profiles of each Housemate  ..soon..

(–,) comments are appreciated..(–,)

APARTMENT PICTURES STARTS AT THE BLUE JACUZZI WITH THE BLUE BACKGROUND..i don’t know why i cant segregate it ..confession room pics are the last two pictures

PBB Teen Clash of 2010: Day 1, 1st weekly task

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Hello Philippines and Hello World!!

To start this post..the show narrated about the 1st dinner of the housemates on each house. In the Villa, because of their lost in the 1st activity, their dinner is simple yet nutritious food. As what i know, its a baby food. Only Joe is the one who appreciated it because he loves sticky foods and even revealed to Big Brother that he can eat it all but he felt too shy for the other housemates. (I think the baby food is composed of a potato and squash thing?..i Don’t know..but it is STICKY for sure.) ..If Joe loved it, Kyra was unable to eat it because of its smell. While the others find their own ways on how to eat the foods. On the Apartment, the housemates enjoyed their elegant 1st dinner on the house with cakes and a lot of delicious foods. (some were unique and special Filipino foods to name)Tricia and Potz enjoyed a lot with their foods while others were just giggling about it.

Kyra and Joe of Villa revealed their feelings to Big Brother regarding the Puzzle game and said that its okay even they have lost. Well, there are more to come so better luck next time.

While Kazel of Apartment said to Big Brother that Tricia and (Romeo)Potz were among of those who are the liveliest housemates on what she have observed.

Yong talked to Joe and Eslove about his guess on the reason why Big BRother has two houses again. He said that maybe, in the Villa, poor housemates will clash to the rich houses on the Apartment.(That’s definitely the answer!)

And to marked their first Sleeping time on the house, both housemates from the two houses were able to prepare well for it. As a matter of fact, in the Apartment, were no beds are present, only the Banig(rattan comforters, and they are going to sleep on the floor.)the girl housemates talked and made a deal that they should all wear the same outfits in sleeping. (how weird?..)

The Apartment’ s HOusemates find hard time on sleeping because of their situation. A lot of complains filled the air for they are not comfortable on it. (of course, its their 1st time) The boy housemates said that for sure, they will have a terrible back ache when they woke up. Well, this is a lot of opposite compare to the Villa’s Bedrooms. Unlike on the Apartment, the housemates here are enjoying the bed and they even said to Big Brother that its their first time to sleep on a soft and elegant bed.

Afterwards, they all fell asleep. On the Apartment, it was Rebecca and Tricia who woke up in the middle of the dawn because of their comfortability on sleeping. They even said, “GoodMorning World!”

When morning comes, the housemates were woke up by a strange wake up call. Their bedrooms were filled with the noise of a goat. A lot of wild guesses comes regarding the wake up call relating to their task for the day. Some said that maybe, a lot of goats are on the Living room.

When they all wake up, the Villa’s Housemates have already noticed the goat on the garden. It was Joe and Eslove who first saw it followed by Yong. They guessed that maybe, they will milk the goat. If the Villa Team had already noticed the goat, on the Apartment, it was totally opposite situation. Tricia and Kazel looked outside but without noticing the goat. Also for Ivan, a big blind, where he almost tour their garden but sees no goat at all. Thanks to Potz,who was the first one to see it, followed by everyone. Rebecca felt uncomfortable with the smell of the goat and even brought to the point of sneezing.

Speaking of their breakfast, on the Villa, Shey, Joe and Eslove don’t know how to use the microwave.. But fortunately, their able to discover how. :) On the apartment, Ivan teaches Tricia to cook eggs for their breakfast.

After their breakfast, Big Brother told them their first weekly task regarding the goats on their garden. It was named as “Oh My Goat”. at the end of the week, the house with the most plenty of milk gathered from the goat will be proclaimed as the winner. To teach them how to milk the goats, Big Brother let them to watch on the plasma TV a special tutorial. Ivan told Big Brother that he is so escited coz it’s his 1st time to touch and to milk a goat. When Big Brother asked him what is the tagalog term for the goat,,(which is “kambing“) he replied, “LAMBING!” Lol!!While Potz on the other hand, caught my attention for his addiction to milk..(looks like he had 2 bottles instantly.)

On the Villa, the Housemates decided to use the swimming pool. Shey shared to Joe her willingness to have a darker skin. Joe replied that they should exchange colors therefore. Joe also said not only to Shey but his fellow housemates, and of course, to Big Brother, that he has a big crush on Shey.

Lunch time came, and each House prepared their lunch. On the Villa, Shey and Joe take in charge of the cooking(“tinolang manok” i think) while on the Apartment, no one knows how to cook. But with Kazel’s little knowledge on cooking, she did it(Adobong manok). When eating time came, Villa was satisfied and happy with their food while on the Apartment, where everyone are brats, remained silent while eating and i am sure it is because of the food and the way it is cooked!.Poor Housemates, its really hard to live if you don’t know how to do simple house chores.  :)

After their lunch, Both house did the cleaning of the goats. On Villa, it was a funny scene when Eslove thried to taste the food of the goat!! Damn! He’ s funny! (and a bit of stupid….but promise,,he is funny!! I am starting to like him..Because now, i can see clearly, our common qualities!!Lol)

It went simple for the Villa(the cleaning thing) while on the Apartment, they find hard time doing it. Well, to think of, they have a little knowledge on doing house chores, so cleaning the goat does make a sense! Rebecca as well with the other girl housemates screamed when the goat pees!!!“oh my gosh!!how gross!!!Disgusting!! eww!!” (their reaction are so real!! So Bratty!!Lol) When Potz tried to free the goat, and run all over the garden, their screams never stops, making the housemates on the Villa wonder and fell curious about them.  And to their amazed for what they have heard, (because they have heard that the housemates living on the other side are all brats) ..they even repeat it then laughs!!!.. (a very funny scene where the housemates on the Apartment thought that the housemates on the villa were happy because of the swimming pool, but in fact, they don’t know that they were the one whom the housemates of villa refer for their laugh trip!!)

..Breaking the funny tension, between the two houses..Joe and Eslove had a funny talk to Shey about love. They keep on asking Shey if the chances of them is possible for her to love them. Shey replied that what all she wants on a guy is that, he is matured enough. Then Eslove, upon hearing it, acted like one.

To end the show, in the Apartment, they felt bored, that made Rebecca to introduced a game. The game she was able to tell the other housemates were a crap thing!.. no one can relate to it..i think, even the public?!..Lol so, they keep on inventing other games such as rumbling and wrestling and tying themselves to each other then tried to get out of it.  On the Villa, Eslove started to dance (a very funny dance, without music) that was followed by Shey,Kyra,Devon and Joe. Then the whole Villa was dancing..a very funny dancing scene.!! (so enjoyable to watch on than on the apartment).. :)

That’s for today!!..

Thank you for reading and comments are always appreciated. (–,)

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PBB Teen Clash of 2010: 1st Night and Maichel’s Entance

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Hello Philippines and Hello World!

This post is about the 1st Sunday episode of the show and the Live entrance of the last and final housemate for the Villa.

(By the way, i still can’t log in to the Forum..i just wanted to say thank You for those who provide the additional infos about the Teen Housemates.. :) )

Going on.. the episode tackled about the 1st night of the Teens in the BB House. In the Villa, Joe was the very first one to enter the house followed by Devon, whom Joe remarked as a cute one. Third was Eslove, whom find comfort at Joe and became instant friends. They are both funny and well adjusted to each other. Well, i see Eslove as a very funny guy! too real on his emotions. The next one to enter was Shey, whom entrance was remarked by Eslove and Joe because of her appearance. They said that Shey is too tall and beautiful. Then, next was Angelo, followed by Kyra and lastly, Yong. Well, after the completion of the Villa’s occupants, they became instant peers and they felt comfortably with each other.

By the way, the confession room for this season is the coolest confession room ever!.. It is a summer inspired CF.

On the other hand, the 1st occupants of the Apartment was Romeo and Rebecca. They introduced themselves to each other including their age and i was a bit of surprised for Rebecca’s age..She is only 13. I wonder how she was able to enter for what i know, the age bracket was 14 or 15 to 18 or 19?. well, its cool enough to add spice for the season. (while Romeo is 15 years old.)

The most remarkable entrance of a guy housemate for the night was Ivan, because of his looks. He is really handsome and the people from the outside world reacted violently upon his introduction. :)  When the Apartment’s Housemates were already complete, they have their quality bonding time on their bedroom knowing the fact that they don’t have beds to sleep except for their Banig(rattan comforters).

Both Housemates from each House took a tour on their new home. on the Villa, the housemates were surprised for thier House because of its elegance. They even found a freezer that is full of ice creams. (How Lucky!)  They were excited too for the swimming pool. They felt happiness for their bedrooms because of its great designs. (well, everything on the villa is perfect!)

On the apartment, the housemates were wondering how to use the diswashing bottle on the kitchen. (see?..they are really rich to the point that they have their own servants for them) Yen failed to open the bottle as well as Romeo. But when Ivan tried his might, he successfully opened it, and the other housemates were surprised and amazed.

For their first special activity, each group had a representative to go individually to the Confession Room for the instructions. The activity was named as “Baby Picture Puzzle Game”. The rules was read by the representative, Shey for the Villa, and Romeo for the Apartment.

One housemate will describe his baby picture(that will serve as the puzzle to play)while he is on a big lectern while his fellow housemates are on the table to play the puzzle. The game is about the 1st group to finish the puzzles in the shortest time.

the winner was the Apartment team with 13 minutes and Villa had 16 minutes. Apartment team got a special and elegant dinner while the Villa team got a simple yet nutritious dinner.

Speaking of the last and final Housemate, Big Brother had already made his decision regarding the supposedly girl teen housemate. this girl teen housemate was observed by the medical team and advised her to stay on the hospital for 36 to 70 hours more and so, this lead to the entrance of her replacement, the “Courageous Lakan of Samar“, Maichel

He will live in the Villa, because of his background. He is teen who worked at an early age just to fulfill the needs of his family. Part of his source of earning was male pageants. Through these, he was able to study and give the money for his family. He is 19 years old and too lucky for he became an instant replacement. :) well, my personal view of him, i don’t know yet. He seems to be a very nervous guy because on what i saw on him, upon his entrance to the house, he’s out of his mind. Know why?. Coz when he was in the confession room, Big Brother welcomed him and said, “Teen Housemate Maichel, Welcomed to My House and Thank you for accepting the challenge to live here”

but he instead replied, “yeah, i’m okay!”.. LOL!! :)

For his entrance, Big Brother gave him a task. This was to remain silent and refrain from talking to the other house mates. His housemates should guess his name and the right spelling of it by giving his clues through his actions.

BUT!! Suddenly, on his way to the Villa, it seemed that he already forgot his task. On his LIVE entrance, he  was unable to do his task. (I think it’s because of his nervousness). When he met the other housemates, he quickly talk and said hello!. He even introduced his self and of all, HIS NAME!!!! (Oh -oh!! Looks like he is not concentrating on the task!)

After that, the show ends..


well. That’s for today.. Thanks for reading! Comments are always appreciated and you are all free to ask for any questions and clarification!



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PBB Teen Clash of 2010: Let the CLASH Begin!

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Hello Philippines and Hello World!

I am so back to give you the latest happenings and the updates about the hippest and the newest Teen Edition of 2010.  and so, LET THE CLASH BEGIN!!!

..well, the launch night has a theme of social networking sites and a bit of computer Age. its been almost  2 months that Big Brother took his rest and now, once more, he opened it for the Teens! Equipped with the new challenges, new Rules,new Twists, Big Brother is ready to mingle and heat up the summer of philippine Television.

..from the 50,000 auditionees, only 16 housemates have luckily passed the tests of Big Brother and joined the lists of the new Filipino Teen Idols.

The show was welcomed with the performances of Yeng,Bugoy, MILES,YOung JV, Jaco,and Sam Conception as they sing and dance as the opening number. the theme song of the show is retained with “KABATAANG PINOY” (Filipino Youth).

The season is formally introduced by the main hosts, Mariel,Toni and Bianca.

To begin with the details, this season, it is confirmed that it has TWO HOUSES too. House A was named as VILLA, where the teen housemates who will live are Teens who lived with not so “rich” / “not well” kind of living (with their real lives) or in short, those who are below average standard of living in the philippines. While on the other hand, House B was named as APARTMENT, where the teen housemates who live here are Rich Teens. (those who came from a social and elite lifestyle of living in their real lives)

VILLA is a simple yet elegant house while the APARTMENT has a summer style but not well as the Villa. (though the two houses are still great!)

to give you a tour and to help our dearest Graham for the site, i’ll give you some of the pictures of the new PBB House. (courtesy of and

but i am not sure with my classification of the pictures whether it is on the Villa or APARTMENT for the reason that the house was not fully shown to the public through the night launch. [well, i might sort it some other time// :) ]


Now, after the house, of course, the Teen Housemates.. i will introduce them accordingly to their appearances on the launch night.

we begin with the VILLA TEEN HOUSEMATES

1.) JOE

- “Swabeng Komikero of Quezon City”

(Cool Joker of Quezon City)

..well, obviously, he has a half blood, and i am not sure on what it is, but surely, he’s half filipino too. :)

He was introduced as a funny guy and a joker, loves funny stuffs and always cracks a joke for fun. But despite of his funny disposition on life, he has always been criticized by the other people because of his unknown knowledge about his father. his family is not so well in regards with financial that’s why he will live in the VILLA.

**personal view about him?..well, he is funny but not enough to make me interested of him.)


..He started to mingle to the other teen housemates when he gets in and tries to cracks jokes to the female housemates. But it seems that the other housemates are not yet comfortable with him.


-“Bubbly Promdi of Cebu”

(Bubbly Rural Teen of Cebu)

..she was introduced as a teen who happened to be in danger of not graduating High School. But because of her perseverance, Big Brother even help her regarding the tuition fees. Yes, it was Big brother who paid her school fess in order to be in the Big Brother House. She has a scoliosis making her family to decide that she should study in a private school, despite of their poverty just to make her comfortable in going to school and to prevent the worsening of her disease.. (making her to live in the VILLA)

**personal view about her?..well, she does not caught my attention but only to raise my brows knowing that Big Brother paid her tuition fee.:) but She’s amazing ..just a little bit.:)


She chose to remain silent as she entered the house. So far, no news yet.


-“Sigang Istokwa of Tawi – Tawi”

(Trouble Maker & Outgoing Teen of  Tawi-Tawi) be simple, he’s a hard headed teen and a bit of being outrageous. But, he is really a helpful one when it comes to his family. He worked as a canteen worker just to fulfill their needs making him one of the housemates to live in the villa.

**personal view?..well i think he’ll bring a lot of trouble in the house because of what my impression is, he has a strong personality.


he talks a lot in the house and easily adjusted with the other housemates. he seems to try to be a leader in his actions.


-“Diskarte Bombshell of Mindoro”

she is a teen Beauty queen, also has a half blood but without the knowledge who is her father. (seems to be same with Joe:))

she stands as the breadwinner of her family because of poverty.

**personal view?.. she’s beautiful, but not enough to strike the public with an impression.


she seems to be awkward with her dress because whenever she walks in the house, she always holds it making me uncomfortable to see her.


- “Struggling Isko of Antique”

(Struggling Scholar of Antique)

he was a teen fisherman just to satisfy his family needs for a living and currently taking up midwifery at the University of the Philippines as a scholar. He also once a Houseboy in a family of doctor earning him the opportunity to study. He is pure Filipino and always does his best for his family. (obviously, that’s the reason why he belongs to the villa.)

**personal view..He inspires me on what he had done and for his struggles towards a good living and i actually find him interesting enough for i think he is a cool one. (me and him has a common denominator.:))


he entered with his uniform making the other housemates wondering if he is a nurse. but he instantly replied that he takes midwifery instead. he seems to just nice and lets see if he’ll maintain it.


-“Gilng Girl of Batangas”

(Dacing Girl of Batangas)

she also came from a poor family making her to work at an early age. she dances and joins competition to earn for a living. She also sells as an additional source of income. She was introduced with a lot of problems with her relatives. (but the reason where unknown yet)

**personal view.. she seems to be a simple girl at first look but with a striking personality


i was not able to see her around. (that only means that she’s not yet making any move at all..)


-“Boy Breadwinner of Pampanga”

..he was introduced as a mama’s boy with a very high impact personality. He worked as a construction worker making me so proud and inspired. He is also a scholar in High School and the only hope of his family. He seems to have a “emo” style but he’s clean enough to enter the house. He struggles hard just to earn money and he is a good boy indeed.

**personal view…well, so far, he’s my early bet, with his good personality and manners, i am surely that a lot of people will like him too. by the way, he looks good and handsome on TV


..This is because the originally chosen housemate, dubbed as the “Dependent Darling,” was found out to have some problems after undergoing the elaborate medical examinations (all housemates undergo in this prcoess). As what host Toni Gonzaga has said during the opening of the PBB Teen Clash Edition of 2010 earlier this evening, she may be replaced with a certain substitute who is intriguingly called the “Courageous Lakan!” . the answer will be revealed tomorrow night, live!


1.)ROMEO (potz)

-“Political Son of Dipolog”

..he belongs to a political clan on his region. he is controversial because of his father, but i rather not to share it for now because i am still in search for it. He grew up with bodyguards because of the thought of his family that he would just make another controversial things. He also revealed that he used to escaped from his bodyguards just to do his own things. His lifestyle and social status made him to be in the Apartment.

**personal view..well, i hope he would not make any controversial stuff on the house. he seems to be the most “game” person and always ready on his team compare to the other Apartment occupants.


-“Heiress Wonder of Cebu”

She is a rich one that made her to be in the apartment. Her family owns a Shipping company and treats her a princess. She is also a guitarist where her guitar was her first personal thing she was able to buy for her self. During the final casting, her father died. this made her sad and a bit of confuse if she will continue with the show. But, look, she continue instead. She said that it would be okay if she will use her time resoucefully in the house.

**personal view.. I find her as one of those who will create some conflicts because she seems to have a strong personality.


-“Little Miss Sunshine of Nueva Ecija”

..she is a beautiful teen.(that’s it!)

…she is really hot and pretty making her to be involve in some troubles because a lot of girls in her school get envy of her because of the beauty she has.

**personal view..SHE IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL!! I LIKE HER..simple yet very attractive face and personality..


-“Gentle Boy Next Door of Mandaluyong”

He is a soccer and basketball player. he grew up with out his father making him to be so much close with his step dad. He shared to the public during his interview with the hosts that he had his first girlfriend. He courted the girl for almost 10 months and their relationship only lasted for 20 days. He frankly said that the relationship was not working well so he decided to cut it off.

**personal view..He’s funny..:)


-“Athletic Muse of Davao”

She was once awarded on her birthplace as the most beautiful girl of their region. She studies on Ateneo and a vivid fan of shoes. She is wanting for some different adventure and her entrance to the Big Brother House is definitely the one she’s looking for.

**personal view..She is also BEAUTIFUL!!! INDEED!


-“Shapaholic  Chick of Parañaque”

well..obviously with her moniker, she is fond of shopping without any hesitation on the price. She only consider things with high prices and those that are original. She hates cheapness. :) She is a half Japanese teen from parañaque and was introduced as a rich teen.:)

**personal view..well, i’ll watch out for her..coz there something in me that made me interested of her.:)


-“Striking Stud of Rizal”

He is really a heartthrob on his looks. He is a half irish half filipino Teen who happened to be a “NO GIRLFRIEND SINCE BIRTH”. He appears to be a Pinoy Gentleman but find hard to speak tagalog. he lived in New York and decided to try to live on Philippines. His social status made him to stay in the apartment.

**personal view..he is really handsome and a very serious type of a guy. I also include him on my early bets coz he’s also a simple yet striking guy.


he seems to be shy and silent coz no one in the Apartment talks to him. how poor and pity..but for sure, he’s one of the faces to watch out for.


-“Charming Angel of Cebu”

She has a killer smile that made the people around her be deceived. she’s not just a simple teen but she really has a lot of talents to look for. She can sing, dance, and she is also a pianist. She is very demure and beautiful. Right now, she is engaged in summer activities/lessons including volleyball, gymnast and cheerdancing.

**personal update..i really like her too. She is a talented teen to watch out for and she really explains through her looks what a wonderful lady is. :)

that’sit..the 15 teen housemates who entered the BB house on Lauch Night and counted as Day 1.

But it was not only a happy welcome night for the teens.. because Big Brother had already prepared their first weekly task.

Looks like Big Brother can’t wait to unleash his fury out at the new young occupants of his house. Imagine, the first night that the fifteen teen housemates stepped into his territory, he gave them their first weekly task ever!

The task called “Facebuko” (special task of getting to know the housemates of the opposing House) is where the two groups of teen housemates (one from Team Villa; another one from Team Apartment) will try to identify the other housemates on the other team(without physical contact) by matching certain clues that will be given to them in the coming days. (right names for the right faces) (remember,they not all yet meet) If by next Saturday one group is unable to get all the matches correct,(with at least one error/mistake on the matches) then one of them shall be evicted! Yes, evicted! See how heavy this task is? And what’s worse than that is that if the other group also fails to ace this task, also one from their group will have to leave the house! So, it is possible to have a double forced eviction! otherwise, there will be no eviction if both groups got it perfectly.

Those in the Villa were given cushy comforters on which to sleep, while those in the Apartment were meted with banig (rattan comforters).

To give you the first glimpse of the Teen Housemates on the BB House, here are some of the pics..

The prizes were also revealed:


4th Big placer will get Php 200,000

3rd Big Placer will get Php 300,000

2nd Big Placer will get PHP 50,000

and the

BIG WINNER will get the following..

A Sony Vaio Laptop, Asian Tour for two (5 asian countries), 1.5 million Php of Crystal Clear Franchise, a 3 million Php Condo Unit and Php 1,000,000!!!

great, isn’t?..!


well, tomorow will be a decision day for the last spot for the teen housemate. LIVE!..and the latest happenings on the Big Brother House.

That’s for today! Thanks For READING!!


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Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash Of 2010 (Personal Update)

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Yipee!!.. i can’t wait for this season!..

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 logo

Starting April 10, a new set of Teen Housemates will live for 10 weeks in the new Big Brother House. Updates were given since monday, april 5, giving the public for some hints about the incoming housemates and a little background on where they came from. well, a lot of speculations are now present about the “CLASH” on the subtitle. Some said that it has something to do with the ex teen housemates returning to challenge the new teen housemates. others were excited because they also thought that there is a possibility of the clash between the teen housemates and celebrity housemates. they thought that it will be a joint season..(well, it would be great if it is true).. but I think, it would only be possible if there will be enough time, and if it is said that this season will only have 10 weeks, well, it is not possible. There were also humors about two groups or a lot of groups that will clash on each other..(that’s great!) having each group a characteristic of a filipino Teen. But for me, clash has something to do with fight, a battle in each housemate towards the other one. (that’s my safe guess..)

the opening/launch night was titled as

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash Of 2010:

Let the CLASH Begin!

(sounds like a school opening, interesting!)

well, lets all just watch and enjoy this newest and hippest Teen Reality Show of Philippines, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010.

Thanks for reading!

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TAR16 – Episode 08: “You’re like Jason Bourne, right?”

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So, I finally got to get back on track with watching TAR, after a bad schedule I’m going through. Only another month left, then we’ll waiting like almost forever for TAR17, though.

In this episode, the teams traveled from the island of Seychelles (which looked awesomly beautiful from the recap shown in the beginning of every episode) to  Penang, Malaysia. First, teams had to recieve their first clue from the Snake Temple. Then, in the detour teams had to either carry Joss Sticks to the top of a temple (Buddhist Tradition) or balance a large flag on their forehead, running 120 feet (Chinese Custom) in order to recieve their next clue. Then, in the speed bump, performed by Jet/Cord they had to sniff out the correct tea to serve to a guy on a swing. Then, in the roadblock, teams had to have one person smash several coconuts to find one with colored liquid, to build onto a small craft and have sent out to sea.

Here is a recap of how the teams did, in order of what they placed, and by overall opinion of them:

Jet/Cord: 1st – They started the race in last, and with a speed bump to do. All of the teams quickly made their way to the snake temple, they took a commanding lead by finding the flags at the Chinese detour and going a magnificent job, completing the detour with no problem. Then, they move onto the speed bump, which didn’t look like a huge hassel for them, completing that, and even the roadblock before any other team arrived. When they arrived to the pit stop, Phil tells them they are indeed team number one, also becoming the first Speed Bump team to reach first place in TAR’s history. I find them to be good racers at the tasks. Okay, maybe one mistake from episode seven through them off, but they did manage to pass that. So far, they’re still a pretty good team in my opinion, and I believe I may continue to root for them.

Carol/Brandy: 2nd – They left the pit stop in fifth place-which, ironically, this leg’s placing was in the reverse order of last leg’s placing. They were not thrilled to be going to  snake temple, which, I can’t complain, I wouldn’t be thrilled either. They were the leading team in going to the Buddhist temple, with Louie/Michael & Brent/Caite close by. They were second at the roadblock, thanks to a good taxi driver, and easily moved to the pit stop as team number two. Personally, they are in this rivalry with Caite/Brent, and it’s kind of annoying, there’s no real side to take. They just seem to under estimate Brent/Caite, which gets them ticked off. Also, I didn’t hear much complainting of these tasks, so, that’s a plus.

Louie/Michael: 3rd – They left the leg in fourth place, and have earned the nickname as the dads of the group, and it appears that they are on Caite/Brent’s side of the rivalry, where the other three teams show no signs of taking a side. Anyways, they raced a pretty good leg. They were the smart team for not getting out of their taxi, finishing the journey to the temple by foot. Whichever one of them completed the roadblock did so easily by finding the colored coconut liquid within two smashes. Louie/Micahael kept remaining in third from the time after the roadblock to the pit stop. They really seem like they also have a good shot of winning, which it’s unusual to see middle-aged, non-athletic dudes last this long on the race. I wouldn’t mind seeing them in thefinals, and I think they have the next best shot.

Brent/Caite: 4th – They started the leg in third, then kept a solid position in the front of the pack. They passed Carol/Brandy in the detour, which, they, especially Caite, were all hung up and extrmemly hungry for. Then, their taxi driver wasn’t very good, putting them into fourth place. Caite performed the roadblock, and I believe it was her who tried to pass off the coconut without making the craft. Brent/Caite arrived to the pit stop in fourth place, and didn’t seem very happy about it, but they said they’ll take it. Brent/Caite seem to be racing okay, and like I said, I’m not recieving enough information to be taking sides on their rivalry with Carol/Brandy, but I find myself likeing them, simply because they seem like nice people. I could also see them as candidates for the final three, with just about as much odds as maybe Dan/Jordan or Carol/Brandy.

Dan/Jordan: 5th – They started the leg in second place, and their biggest mistake was before arriving to thwe detour they decided to walk the rest of the way, avoiding their taxi being stuck in traffic, thinking they could get their faster. They completed the roadblock and detour in enough time to avoid being last, and did end up freaking out when their taxi driver stopped for gas. Hey, it’s either stop for gas now, or be staranded later. That’s probably what I’d try to think. They arrived to the pit stop in fifth place. I simply do like them and they both have good personalities, but everytime I see them, they are seen making a lot of mistakes. I’m not sure if I find them going to the final three, or getting even close to finishing top two.

Steve/Allie: 6th – They started the leg with first place, and without the bags they left with them at leg 7′s detour. At Malaysia, they were also the other team to walked from their taxi to the detour, and their other mistake was not figuring out how to do the flag detour, wasting time on their part. They arrived to the pit stop in last place, and were eliminated from the race. Steve/Allie seemed like a nice duo. I wish I saw more of them, and could’ve seemed to see them going to final three.

Right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jet/Cord & Louie/michael in the final three with any of the other three teams. I like all of the remaining teams, none of them really tick me off. I’m really hoping I get to watch next week, because it looks like Brent/Caite will do something to Carol/Brandy. Maybe U-turn them?

The Amazing Race 16 USA – Leg 7

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Six teams remain. The leg starts off in France at the location of the leg 6 pitstop.

CLUE 1: Fly over 5,000 miles to The Sychelles, search for a marked kiosk, grap a number and the next clue.

Louie/Michael are first to depart at 12.35am. We are told that due to the remote location of the destination, all teams will be travelling on the same flight. Carol/Brandy are an hour behind leaving the start at 1.28am. Steve/Allie are third to set off at 1.57am with Jet/Cord at 2.36am. Jet and Cord can’t pronounce the name of The Seychelles correctly – Saykillies, Saychiles. Dan/Jordan are 3 hours behind the leaders at 3.36am. They also can’t pronounce the destination. Bizarrely most of the team don’t seem to have heard of The Seychelles. Last to depart are Brent/Caite at 4.36am.

Even though Brent/Caite arrived at the airport 4 hours after the leaders, they are the first team to book seats on the plane and they will be closest to the front. They are first off the plane and first at the clue box, taking ticket number 1.

CLUE 2: Go by helicopter to the Island of La Digue. The first 3 helicopters leave now, the last three leave 1 hour later. Steve/Allie get ticket 2 and Dan/Jordan number 3. Louie/Michael (4), Carol/Brandy (5) and Jet/Cord (6) must wait an hour.

Carol/Brandy arrogantly say that the strongest three teams are now all delayed by 1 hour and that Brent/Caite got lucky. I think they are talking out of their arses as Brent/Caite were just smarter to book seats closest to the plane exit. Other teams had up to 4 hours advantage on them but failed to do this.

After the helicopter ride, Brent/Caite are first to the next clue.

CLUE 3 Detour:
Turtle Toddle
(chosen by Steve/Allie & Carol/Brandy) – Using a banana, lure a 100 year old tortoise down a marked lawn then carry a large bunch of bananas 1.5 miles to receive the next clue
Ox Trot (chosen by Brent/Caite, Dan/Jordan, Jet/Cord & Louie/Michael) – Fill a large cart with coconuts without losing any. An ox will pull the cart to where they get their next clue.

Caite loses a coconut from the cart without noticing, They go off to the harbour. Steve/Allie complete the tortoise run and set off with the bananas. Dan/Jordan are piling up their cart. On the way to the harbour Steve/Allie overtake Brent/Caite who are having ox trouble. The trailing 3 teams arrive at the detour and Steve/Allie are first to complete the detour.

CLUE 4: Take a boat to St Pierre Island where they will be given the next clue.

Dan/Jordan overtake Brent/Caite who are still having ox troubles. Dan/Jordan are second to complete the detour. Brent/Caite are told they don’t have all their coconuts and must take their ox and cart back to the detour start. Brent is furious and says he’s quitting the race. Of course Brent doesn’t really quit and they head back for their missing coconut.

On the boat Steve/Allie realise they have forgot their backpacks. They decide to continue without them. They had their passports and documents but will have to run the rest of the race in the clothes they are wearing.

Carol/Brandy can’t get their tortoise to go in a straight line. Steve/Allie reach their next clue.

CLUE 5, Roadblock: Dive underwater and search for a submerged case of 7 bottles. Bring up a bottle and on-shore assemble a map that will lead them to the pitstop.

Steve decides to do the roadblock. Carol/Brandy give up on their tortoise and switch to the ox detour. Jordan is chosen to do the roadblock. At the detour, Jet/Cord make the same mistake as Brent/Caite and miss a coconut.

Steve/Allie arrive at the pitstop as team number 1 and each win $7,000. Dan/Jordan are team number 2.

Louie/Michael complete the detour. Carol/Brandy also make the mistake of leaving a coconut behind. Brent/Caite have now completed the detour. Jet/Cord are sent back for their coconut. Carol/Brandy are acting smugly until they are also sent back for their missing coconut.

Brent/Caite overtake Louie/Michael on the way to the roadblock and Brent decides to do the diving. Jet/Cord complete the detour and Carol/Brandy finish it in last place.

At the pitstop, Brent/Caite are team number 3, Louie/Michael are seconds behind as team number 4. Louie predicts that the final 3 will be Louie/Michael, Brent/Caite and Jet/Cord. They want Carol/Brandy to the eliminated next as they are too negative. Brent/Caite also want Carol/Brandy out next because they are rude and mean. They may all get their wish although whenever teams I dislike finish last it is always a non-elimination leg, so I’m not confident they will go.

Jet/Cord make another mistake and swim to shore leaving their bottle on the boat. At the pitstop they are told they are 5th to arrive. Phil asks how they found the pitstop, they answer that they jogged around until they found it. Phil sends them back to the boat to retrieve the bottle.

Jet/Cord can see Carol/Brandy ahead of them. Carol/Brady arrive at the pitstop and are shocked to learn they are team number 5 as they were certain they were last.

Jet/Cord are last at the pitstop but it is a non-elimination leg (as I predicted, teams I dislike that finish last don’t get eliminated).

Leg 7 was a leg of mistakes. 5 took hours too long to book the best seats on the plane. Three teams didn’t check they had all their coconuts at the detour, Steve/Allie forgot their backpacks and Jet/Cord forgot their bottle. If a team can cut out these silly mistakes they could go all the way in this race.

Leg 8 will see the teams going to Malaysia. Jet/Cord will struggle to get back in the race and a taxi leaves without them. I’ve noticed that in the previews, the producers try to leave viewers with a false impression of what will happen – so last week they made it seem like Brent quits the race when he actually didn’t. So this week they are making out that Jet/Cord will be eliminated next – I predict therefore that they won’t be the ones to go next.

My order
1) Dan/Jordan – I just find them really funny
2) Steve/Allie – A strong, solid team who are moving up my ranking
3) Brent/Caite – Entertaining to watch
4) Louie/Michael – Just an average team
5) Jet/Cord – At least this week they raced more without their stupid hats. I half expected them to dive underwater with them on.
6) Carol/Brandy – I agree with Caite, they are rude and mean.

Next week Dan should be back to guide you through leg 8.

PINOY BIG BROTHER Teen Clash of 2010 (Teen edition 3)(my excitement!!!)

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(–,) i can’t wait to blog about PBB Teen Clash of 2010.. well, i am so excited because of the previous success of season 3 (probably the 7th installment of Philippines’ Big Brother) and because of the news about the said edition. Only the Philippines and UK did the teen edition and i hope that the other country will follow and do the same edition ‘coz it’s great and nice to have teen housemates aging from 16 to 18 and taking the game so seriously..added to that is the different way of Big Brother handling teen housemates.. well, i know that some of you have no idea about Teen Edition of Philippines is done so here i am, with all my best to deliver to you the latest and all about the much awaited Summer Season of PBB.. tell you about a sort of history,, well, Teen Edition in our country is very extraordinary ‘coz the surprise twists and revelations of Big Brother is as much as the regular season and celebrity. yearly, summer season, (march to june in our country) we held Teen Editions. But the last two edition of teens was aired right after celebrity edition. this was the first time to have the Teen edition after the regular because of the date concerning the summer season. In Teen edition, housemates were young and playful making the audience so much interested to them. Every new edition, new batch of Teen Housemates became households’ favorite because of the great casting. in Teen Edition 1, (i think it was only a test, for it only ran for about 6 weeks) was a great show for the reason that young housemates really rocks.

pbb-teen-edition 1 logo

14 teen housemates entered the BB House with KIM CHUI as the Big Winner… well, nothing so especial happened on that edition coz what i’ve said, it was just a test if the public will like it..and yes,, it was a huge hit!.

Because of its success, it became a traditional edition every summer and PBB Teen Edition 2 is the edition to name.

a totally new and fully equipped with the shocking twists and surprises, Teen edition 2 became the huge and so far the best Teen Edition. a total of 17 Teen Houseamates entered, with 3 Houseplayers included(the concept of the Houseplayers was totally different with the concept of BBUS)..


with its subtitle “PLUS” ..the edition revolved around different “PLUS” to the season and additional rules to the game. Twists and secret tasks includes on its Live Launch Night, the 1st twist that was revealed was about the entrance of two teen housemates as a representative of their school. (here in the philippines, DLSU and ADMU are the two great university rivalry) from the DLSU and the other one is from ADMU.. their intriguing task was to pretend BESTFRIENDS despite of their rivalry. (well, its really hard..).. they were successful, (as what i’ve remembered).

the Biggest Twist was the Biggest “PLUS” to the edition. it was the guardian/parent of the Teen Housemates to lived with them as they live on the BB HOUSE. at first, this was unknown to the teens.(it was a great show seeing the teens having no clue about their parents living right beside them, yes, they were neighbors.) while on the other hand, the parents were enjoying watching their son/daughter living in the Big Brother House.(they were monitored on a Plasma TV)

the purpose of the guardians was to guide and to add spice to the whole show. they also participated in some exciting task including the kidnapping of their children and exchanging houses. they also fight with their children as their partners in the weekly Immunity Game giving the winner the immunity from nominations. the guardians have also some arguments and not just cat-fights but huge and controversial fights with their co – parents.  some fights includes parent to parent fight, parent to a teen housemate, parent to their own son/daughter housemate and of all, the tandem of a mother-son and father and son fight(which became the most controversial and annoying fight inside the Big Brother House. the guardians/ parents were also get evicted through a Teen Council composed of the Teen housemates leaded by Robi. (the 2nd big teen placer) if the guardian/parent got evicted, his/her son/daughter’s stay in the house would not be affected. but the chance of immunity from nominations will also vanished as well. if the teen housemate got evicted, he/she will be joined by his/her parent. and just like the Teens, the guardians have also their Big Night, with Mang Erning(the father of the Big winner) emerged as the first Big Parent Winner. But it was totally different and separated from the Teens’ competition. the Parent Winner was decided by the public through Text Votes. But fortunately, it was also Ejay (son of Mang Erning) who happened to be the Teen Big Winner too. the guardian’s Big Night was held 6 or 5 (i think) weeks before the Big Night of the Teens.

..well, that was just a sort of review from the past teen editions, and i hope that this time, you’ll get the news and the latest trend about the said edition. give you a bit of a teaser, the hosts of the show have already done their pictorial for the show and everything is ongoing of preparations.

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 logo

Hosts of the show, (from left) MAriel, Toni and Bianca

the said edition would be definitely a great clash of Teen Housemates from 50,000 + auditionees from different part of the country as well with the other filipinos around the world.  this is also the first time to have a batch of teen housemates aging from 15 years (the youngest) and 18 years old (as the oldest)

they are really excited..

so excited!!.. if you have any questions about the Teen Edition either past or present, fell free to ask me and i am happy to reply..(–,)

By the what i’ve heard from the news..PBB Teen Clash of 2010 will start on April 10, 2010. yeah!! it is the Live Launch Night of the show back to back with Pilipinas Got Talent.. waht a combination!!(–,)

thanks for reading!! (–,)

Good day!!

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The Amazing Race 16 USA – Leg 6

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Leg 6 starts in France at the location of the Leg 5 pitstop. Seven teams remain in the race.

CLUE 1 – Drive 37 miles to Reims, France and find the Joan of Arc statue.

Louie & Michael are the first to depart at 7.47am. Steve & Allie leave 17 minutes later at 8.04am. Third to set off are Jet & Cord at 8.13am. Dan & Jordan leave at 8.17am, Carol & Brandy at 8.39am and Brent & Caite are 2 hours behind the leaders leaving at 9.48am.

Steve & Allie find the statue first and take the lead.

CLUE 2 – Teams are given a champagne cork.

Jordan & Jeff are the last team to start the leg at 10.28am. Jordan thinks that Joan of Arc carried all the animals, but Jeff points out to her that was Noah’s Ark.

Louie/Michael and Dan/Jordan arrive at Champagne and find the next clue at the same time.

CLUE 3, Roadblock – Rappel & Search. Rappel down 100 feet into the winery and search the champagne bottles for a specially marked bottle. Slice off the cork with a sabre to receive the next clue.

Jordan is chosen for the roadblock as is Louie. Jet & Cord have gone to the wrong town.

CLUE 4 – Taittinger. Teams must figure out that they have to go to Taittinger Chateaux in La Marquetterie.

Brent & Caite are still doing clue 1 but can’t find the Joan of Arc statue. Steve completes the roadblock in third place and Brandy does it in fourth. Jordan & Jeff are still last and have just found the statue. Cord is 5th at the end of the roadblock. Louie/Michael find the Taittinger Chateux and are in the lead.

CLUE 5 – Detour, Tower or Terra.
Tower – Use exactly 680 wine glasses to build a tower 15 levels high and fill the tower with champagne without breaking any glasses (Dan/Jordan, Jordan/Jeff).
Terra – Search an area 1 square kilometre for a tiny cluster of marked grapes (Louie/Michael, Carol/Brandy, Steve/Allie, Brent/Caite & Jeff/Cord).

Dan/Jordan are told that they have gone to the wrong town. Locals at the roadblock town are sending some teams to the Taittinger office in Reims (the town where they started the leg from) rather than the Taittinger Chateux.

Brent is doing the Roadblock as is Jeff. Steve/Allie arrive at Reims to find they are in the wrong town. Steve bumps the car which delays them further. Louie/Michael complete the Terra roadblock in first place.

CLUE 6 – Go to the pitstop at L’Orrea.

Jet/Cord arrive in Reims and are told they are in the wrong town. This is the second time they have gone to the wrong town in this leg.

Dan/Jordan decide to do Tower at the detour. Carol/Brandy do Terra.

Louie/Michael arrive at the pitstop and are team number 1. The win a holiday to Mexico.

Candy/Brandy find the grapes and are off to the pitstop. Steve/Allie decide to do Terra.

Brent/Caite are heading to the detour and see Carol/Brandy. They decide to follow them not realising that Carol/Brandy have done the detour. Brent/Caite arrive at the pitstop mat but are sent back to do the detour. Carol/Brandy finish the leg as team number 2.

The Terra detour seems to be the much quicker option. Steve/Allie complete Terra and leave for the pitstop. Jordan/Jeff are at Reim which is the wrong town. Brent/Caite choose Terra at the detour. Jet/Cord arrive 6th at the detour and also choose Terra.

Steve/Allie are team number 3 at the pitstop. Jet/Cord make up ground by completing the easier detour and reach the pitstop in 4th place. Brent/Caite are arguing about if they should switch detours, which they eventually decide to do.

Dan/Jordan finish their tower but have dropped from 2nd to 5th during the detour. Brent/Caite finish their Tower but it collapses when they pour champagne in it prompting them to switch back to Terra.

Jordan/Jeff arrive at the detour and choose Tower. Dan/Jordan arrive at the pitstop and are told they are team number 5, but they are not happy. Brent/Caite find the grapes and head off to the pitstop.

Jordan/Jeff’s tower collapses before they have even finished it and they switch to Terra. Brent/Caite arrive at the pitstop as team number 6.

Jordan/Jeff are search in the dark with torches. They eventually find the grapes but are eliminated from the race when they reach the pitstop.

Six teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?

My Top 1 – Dan/Jordan
My Middle 3 – Louie/Micheal, Brent/Caite & Steve/Allie
My Bottom 2 – Jet/Cord & Carol/Brandy

Hopefully Dan should be back to blog for leg 7 which will see the teams heading for the Seychelles and Brent is shown saying he has quit the race (I highly doubt if he does quit the race that they would have shown that on the preview so I’m sure he will change his mind).

TAR16 – Episode 5: “I think we’re fighting the Germans, right?”

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I’m back, and I did get a chance to watch TAR on Sunday night, it’s just my dorm computer is not working right now, so I’m at the library.

Anyways, in this leg, teams had to go to recieve a piece of French bread, and see their clue inside the bread. Then, teams had to make their way to  field, where they had to work on a WW1-era detour, simply by either figuring out a message in morse code (In the Trenches) or go under barbed wire, through mud to recieve a message to see tied onto a pigeon (Under Fire). Then, teams had to make their way to a church where then they had to ride a bicycle four miles to the pit stop.

1st: Louie/Michael – They started the race in first place, despite having three bottom performances. They stayed in first pretty much the entire leg, and ultimately used the blind U-Turn on Joe/Heidi, saying that Joe needs to humble up some more, and not be so confident. They did indeed take another first place, but I feel the yield they used was more of a personal choice, mixed with a little bit of stategy.

2nd: Steve/Allie – They pretty much started and finished in second place. They started racing close to Joe/Heidi, up until Joe/Heidi were yielded. Other than actually racing, I believe Allie has been speaking more, but I don’t remember hearing anything from Steve. I don’t think they’re going to last, simply because of the edit they get, but they could always be the next Tyler/James or Rachel/TK.

3rd: Jet/Cord – They were moving up a spot, taking third place. They still seem like good racers, which this season seems to be lacking, so they look like this race could be for them. I deferentially see a good strong potential for them to get top three.

4th: Dan/Jordan – These guys seem to be a bit annoying, they seem to be bickering, and telling each other to shut up a lot. They raced pretty much in the middle of the pack, and stayed there. Than again, we haven’t seen much bunching-up and catching up in this leg anyways.

5th: Carol/Brandy – I can’t stand Brandy, she’s whiny, she was whiny during the whole detour. I would seriously love to do somethig like this, and it’s a bit hurtful to see someone cry over this experience. Not to mention, we hear Caite talking about them a lot, and it’s clear that Carol/Brandy and caite don’t like each other.

6th: Brent/Caite – They came straight to the pit sop s sixth to arrive, only to realize they were given a penalty, forcing them back to search  for the forgotton clueat the church they missed. They don’t seem to be very good racers, they seem to basically be living off of luck. That isn’t very impressive.

7th: Jeff/Jordan – They were pretty much in last the entire leg, and took forever to find the detour. They were decent for Big Brother, well Jeff was pretty good, but for TAR, they’re not so good. Jordan really seems to try, but not enough to actually catch up. Considering Jeff almost put the WW1 gun to his mouth, he seems frusterated with Jordan.

8th: Joe/Heidi – They were pretty much good racers, taken out just like how Amanda/Kris were in TARUS14. Thye were U-Turned, and couldn’t survive the Morse code detour, puttign them in last, and Phil eliminated them right at the detour. I could’ve seen them in top three, but the yield deferentially screwed them over.

This season hasn’t been as good as TAR14 & 15, it’s got basically on team to really want to see win, Jet/Cord. Allie/Steve are under edited, Louie/Michael turned me off, Carol/Brandy and Dan/Jordan are a bit annoying, and Brent/caite and Jeff/Jordan seem hopeless. Go Jet/Cord! tell me what you think!

The Amazing Race 16 USA – Leg 4

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Graham here again, filling in for Dan.

Leg 4 starts with leaders Jet & Cord leaving at 10.57pm.

CLUE 1 – Fly to Hamburg, Germany

Jet & Cord find out that the first flight out isn’t for another 12 hours, so all the teams are going to bunch up again. Unfortunately they don’t show us any of the other teams pitstop departure times.

Jet & Cord and Louie & Michael are the first to arrive at the next cluebox which is an intersection.

CLUE 2 – Roadblock. Teams must pair up with another team for this clue. One person from each team must do the roadblock, so 2 people from each joined team of 4 will do it. They have to perform a 150 foot bungee jump together.

Jet/Cord & Louie/Michael decide to team up and Jet & Michael do the roadblock.
Joe/Heidi & Steve/Allie team up with Joe & Allie doing the roadblock.
Dan/Jordan & Carol/Brandy team up with Dan & Brandy doing the roadblock.
Jordan/Jeff & Brent/Caite team up with Jordan & Caite doing the roadblock.

Jordan & Caite catch the wrong train to the bungee jump and go in the opposite direction. Jet & Michael are the first to jump. Jet refuses to take his stupid hat off when he’s jumping. I was hoping it would fall off mid jump, never to be seen again, but no such luck. Joe and Allie are the second to jump.

CLUE 3 – Go to the statue of Kaiser Wilhelm. Teams are no longer intersected.

I thought the intersection was pointless. It took place during a point in the race where teams were bunched together so it had no real bearing on the race at all.

Dan & Brandy jump third. Brandy is terrified. Louie & Michael arrive at CLUE 4 first which is a detour.

Soccer – Teams must kick a ball and hit 5 targets. (chosen by Jet/Cord, Steve/Allie, Joe/Heidi, Brent/Caite & Dan/Jordan)
Sauer-Kraut – Teams must go to a restaurant and eat a plate of sauer-kraut, finishing it before a band finishes playing a song. If they fail they must start again with a full plate. (chosen by Louie/Michael, Carol/Brandy & Jordan/Jeff).

Caite & Jordan are the last to bungee jump. Louie & Michael easily eat the sauer-kraut and receive the next clue.

CLUE 5- Go to the Haifisch Bar and drink a (very) large glass of beer.

Joe struggles at the soccer as he hurt his knee doing the bungee jump. Steve & Allie finish the soccer and are now in second place. Joe & Heidi decide to switch to the sauer-kraut.

Louie & Michael have no problems at all drinking the beer and receive their next clue. They now have a big lead over the other teams.

CLUE 6- Proceed to the pitstop at Beatles-Platz.

Jordan & Jeff’s taxi goes the wrong way and they end up being lost. Louie & Michael are the first to arrive at the pitstop and win a $5,000 gift card each.

Steve & Allie are drinking beer. Jet & Cord are the third to complete the detour. Joe & Heidi arrive at the sauer-kraut and complete it first time. Dan & Jordan are doing good at the soccer. Carol & Brandy complete the sauer-kraut, Jet & Cord are at the beer, they say that they have never drunk beer before in their life. Steve & Allie arrive at the pitstop in second place.

Joe & Heidi finish the beer before Jet & Cord. Jordan & Jeff finally arrive at the sauer-kraut but fail miserably with about 2 thirds of the plate uneaten by the time the music finishes so they decide to switch to the soccer. Brent & Caite are doing the soccer, Caite injures her leg but they decide to stick with it rather than switching.

Joe & Heidi are team number 3 at the pitstop. Jet & Cord are struggling to finish the beer but Carol & Brandy don’t have any problems with the beer and make up some ground.

At the pitstop Jet & Cord are team #4, Carol & Brandy team #5 and Dan & Jordan are team #6.

This leaves only 2 teams left racing. Brent & Caite are drinking the beer. Well actually Brent is the one doing all the drinking and he ends up throwing up twice. Jordan & Jeff are in last place at the soccer detour.

Brent & Caite arrive at the pitstop at team number 7. They were completely shocked at they were certain they were in last place.

Jordan & Jeff are the last team to arrive but at is is a non-elimination leg they survive to race in leg 5.

I raised the subject on the forum, but I am not convinced that these non-elimination legs are planned in advance. I suspect they are decided based on who finishes last. It won’t be too much trouble to have a possible speedbump planned for every leg. After all the producers are much interested in making an entertaining show to get high ratings rather than making it fair. The Big Brother couple were saved, but was this their good luck or was there always going to be a non-elimination leg the first time they finished last?

Dan will be back blogging about Leg 5. Bye for now.

The Amazing Race 16 USA – Leg 3

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Hi everyone, this is Graham filling in for Dan on The Amazing Race 16 blog for the next few episodes.

We have 9 teams left at the start of Leg 3. Jet & Cord depart from the pitstart at 11.20pm.

Clue 1 – They must take one of 2 buses on a 6 hour journey through the Andes mountains to Argentina. At the destination they must win a game of 5 card stud, playing against a garden gnome. The buses leave at 8.30am and 8.50am, so all the teams are going to be bunched up again.

Second and third to leave are Joe & Heidi at 11.55pm and Carol & Brandy also at 11.55pm. Brent & Caite were due to leave at 1.20am but they woke up feeling sick and went to the hospital. Fourth to leave were Monique & Shawne at 1.22am, Jordan & Jeff were fifth to leave at 2.01am. Sixth Steve & Allie 2.23am, seventh Dan & Jordan at 2.25am and eighth Louie & Michael at 3.12am.

Brent and Caite return from the hosptial and eventually depart at 4.25am, about 3 hours later than they were supposed to.

I wish Jet and Cord would take off their cowboys hats, it’s really starting to annoy me now.

Clue 2/3 – Roadblock. They have to rope a target 18 feet away. This shouldn’t be a problem for the cowboys.

Clue 4 – Drive to Puente Nirihuau and search the cliffs for the next clue.

Jet and Cord are now way out in the lead with other leading teams struggling with the roadblock.

Clue 5 – Detour.
Horse Sense (done by Carol/Brandy, Jordan/Jeff, Joe/Heidi, Louie/Michael & Dan/Jordan although everyone but Jordan/Jeff switched to the other roadblock). They are given some co-ordinates and must find a bag of money buried in the ground.
Horse Power (done by Jet/Cord, Steve/Allie, Brent/Caite & Monique/Shawne although Monique/Shawne switched to the other roadblock). They had to go to a polo field, and using a wooden pony must score a goal in 9 swings or less.

Jet & Cord arrive at Horse Power and are disapointed that they are not using a real horse. They don’t have any problems and quickly finish it.

Clue 6 – Go to the pitstop in Estancia Fortin, Chacabuco.

Whilst Jet & Cord head off to the pitstop, Dan & Jordan are still back on clue 1 playing the card game. Carol & Brandy are doing the detour as are Jordan and Jeff. Joe & Heidi choose horse sense but use a compass on Joe’s watch rather than counting their steps as stated on the clue, so they have no chance of finding the buried money.

Carol & Brandy are also struggling on their detour and start arguing with each other. Brent & Caite are way back in last place on clue 1 and are driving around lost. Monique & Shawnw haven’t featured much in this leg are doing the roadblock.

Dan & Jordan are the 6th team to complete the roadblock. Carol & Brandy decide to switch detours to horse power, Joe & Heidi also switch. Jordan and Jeff didn’t understand the clue and keep taking the money bag to the wrong person. Brent & Caite finally arrive at the card game in clue 1. They should be far far behind everyone else, but luckily Shawne just can’t do the roadblock. Brent completes the roadblock quickly and overtakes Monique & Shawne. Shawne they says a prayer to God and is successful at the next attempt – although I’m sure it was just edited to look that way.

Jet & Cord arrive at the pitstop in first place and win a 10 day holiday to Argentina and Chile.

Dan & Jordan switch detours and Jordan & Jeff finally realise that they have been going to the wrong person.

Steve & Allie arrive at the pitstop in 2nd place, Carol & Brandy are 3rd, Joe & Heidi are 4th. Jordan & Jeff are the first team to complete the horse sense detour. Louie & Michael are the 4th team to switch detours. Dan & Jordan just can’t do the polo and get frustrated as all the teams behind them are catching up. They finally manage to complete it. Jordan & Jeff arrive at the pitstop in 5th place and Dan & Jordan arrive in 6th place.

Louie/Michael, Brent/Caite and Monique/Shawne are the only teams still racing and they are all together doing the same detour. Monique/Shawne struggle and make the potentially fatal mistake of switching detours.

Brent & Caite finish at the pitstop in 7th place. They are happy with that given they started the leg in hospital. Louie & Michael are 8th at the pitstop.

Monique & Shawne complete the detour but ate last to arrive at the pitstop. Phil tells them that they have been eliminated from the race.

8 teams remain. Here’s how I rate them -

My Top 3 – Dan/Jordan, Joe/Heidi and Brent/Caite
Middle 2 – Steve/Allie and Louie/Michael
Bottom 3 – Jeff/Cord, Jordan/Jeff and Carol/Brandy

The next leg involves drinking in Hamburg, Germany and all the teams have to pair up and work together. Leg 4 blog should be posted tomorrow (if I get time to watch it tonight).

PILIPINAS GOT TALENT (Audition, episode 1,2,3,4)

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well, i don’t know yet how to blog this show coz its our first time to have this reality TV show. well, actually, i was amazed on how they did the pilot episode by jumping straightly on the auditions. Of course, Judges were first introduced then sort of previews on other countries’ version of Got Talent.

actually, its hard to blog about the auditions,so what i am going to do is to post some video about it..(temporarily, just for auditions, but if they have already moved to the next round, i am going to write everything about it, more detailed.)

the videos here show some of the best bits of the episodes 1 to 4  (EPISODES about auditions). well, to be honest, it was really a great show and i am proud to say that Filipinos really got TALENTS!! this is one of the remarkable reality TV show happened in Philippine TV where Filipinos’ talent can be discovered.(well, there are a lot of filipinos who have been discovered around the world, one is Charice  and still counting.)

audition video

Audition video

Current Discussions at the Forum

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Hello, this is Dan, the blogger for WoBB and the Admin for WoBB Forum. I would like to say that we’re just a day over one month in, and we’ve made it to 805 posts in 47 topics by 32 members. We are encouraging you to come post and tell us your thoughts of any Reality-Non Reality-Off Topic discussion, as we are looking for making the forum a success. Our most widely discussed topic is right now, Big Brother Germany, with 11 pages and over 160 posts.

Our Staff, if you didn’t know consists of the other Admin, Graham, webmaster of WoBB and two highly contributing moderators, Art and Joako. I feel the four of us are doing a very good job managing the forum, giving as much time as we can to it. A lot of us, including myself are eager to find someone telling us exactly what is going on, rather than just looking at eviction/nominaton results.  You can go to register at anytime, the link is posted on the forum under I believe it’s Register. We do indeed look forward to hearing from you.

Currently there is at least one topic in every one of the boards. We have just about every Big Brother show currently on in discussion, along with a few posts about the Survivor series. There is a discussion for I believe two Farm Series, TAR’s current season, a couple talent shows. There’s also discussions on Star Acedemy series, including the Arabian one on now. Also, we have a discussion about the Olympics and Eurovision in other topics. It’s a lot of fun; post what you know and think, and we’ll be happy.

If you have any questions, you can always make a comment here and either me or a staff member will post back. In some more exciting news, I have asurprise for current members, and for members who get in on the action now. I plan on opening up something I’ve seen for years, and am bringing it to the forum. You may want to check back later on the Forum to see what’s up. I promise, some of you will love what I want to make in adition to the forum. All you have to do is be a member in order to join.

See you at the end ofthe weekend to blog for TAR’s next episode. Have Fun o nthe forum! Here’s the link: